Benefits and Features of ValuePoint’s Automated Valuation Models
Available AVMs

The VeroVALUE Suite

Veros has designed a family of AVMs that comprise the VeroVALUE AVM Suite. These automated valuations are designed to weigh accuracy against hit rate, allowing you to create the balance you need in a single AVM or in a cascade approach.

VeroVALUE Preferred

VeroVALUE Preferred balances valuation accuracy and hit rate with a more stringent focus on accuracy. VeroVALUE Preferred takes VeroVALUE, the premier national valuation tool one step further, boosting its proprietary optimization techniques, tight valuation controls, and data-rich intelligence about local market activity, with strict standards on market activity, neighborhood analysis, and usable hit rates.

When accuracy is the priority over hit rates, VeroVALUE Preferred is unmatched. As a result, it is commonly used in the first position in a multiple-AVM cascade.

VeroVALUE Preferred reports include:

Freddie Mac HVE AVM

Home Value Explorer® (HVE®) is a Freddie Mac Automated Valuation Model (AVM) tool that generates an estimate of property value in seconds. HVE encompasses several models rolled into a single product, for one low cost. HVE uses Freddie Mac's unique proprietary algorithm that blends model estimates returned by our repeat sales model and hedonic model, which is considered our combining process. HVE provides extensive coverage of all 50 states and more than 3100 counties with its database of approximately 100 million property records. HVE data simplifies the mortgage process by streamlining the collateral valuation cycle.

For more than 20 years, Freddie Mac has effectively employed AVMs internally for its own risk and portfolio management. AVMs have become an integral part of today's mortgage market, and AVM technology has advanced the world of automated valuation services from novelty to necessity.

Today, AVMs are efficient, effective and essential tools in loan manufacturing. AVMs help expedite processes, lower costs and minimize risk. When choosing an AVM, it's important to consider coverage, vendor reputation, current technology, accuracy, and price. Freddie Mac's dedicated team of modeling experts continues to improve and enhance the HVE tool to keep it best of class for both our internal use as well as for our customers' use.

In nationwide tests conducted by large wholesale lenders, HVE consistently performs at the top in the areas of coverage, accuracy, and reliability.

HVE is a tool with many uses:

Collateral Analytics - CA Value AVM

With more than 10 years of property data and transaction information for much of the U.S., the CA Value AVM generates instantaneous online reports in real-time for virtually any residential address. These reports include a value estimate, comparable sales and listing data, location map, confidence score of the value estimate, as well as additional charts and detail on the surrounding market’s price and sales activity trends.

The CA Value AVM employs a multitude of approaches to value each property including a number of Hedonic or Multiple Regression models, Appraisal Emulation, Time Adjustment, and other proprietary techniques to calculate a final value.

The multiple model approach combined with neighborhood specific comparable selection guarantees the most up-to-date and precise valuations. In addition to traditional public record data, the CA Value AVM incorporates listing, off-market and sales information for increased geographical coverage and accuracy.

CA Value Features