Bank-Grade Home Values

Compliant AVMs, evaluations, and custom valuation solutions designed to speed up, simplify, and save money in the valuation process.

At ValuePoint we specialize in customizing risk mitigation according to each client’s individual business rules and tolerance levels. Through a full complement of national market data, valuation modeling, market analytics, indexes and forecasts we can build tailored solutions to support financially sound credit risk and portfolio due diligence strategies. ValuePoint works with a number of AVM providers.

Property Data Reports
When an AVM isn't sufficient, our proprietary Data Report utilizes the most up-to-date property data combined with human analysis of the local market. Our Data Reports provide a market value range and is most widely used as a pre-origination estimate of value, for loan risk analysis, and for collateral review.

Our proprietary Evaluations comply with the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines while providing faster and more cost-effective alternatives to appraisals, BPOs and traditional AVMs. This product is most widely used in default servicing, portfolio review and pre-foreclosure analysis.

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